Project 1 – iPad in-gallery Interactive: deYoung Museum, Fowler Inuit Collection

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Yua, Spirit of the Arctic: Eskimo and Inuit Art from the Collection of Thomas G. Fowler, a new permanent installation in the Art of the Americas gallery, presents a selection of objects donated to the Museums from the estate of the late Thomas G. Fowler (1943–2006). This interactive will highlight objects in the room as related to the drawings done by Tom Fowler. Working closely with education and curatorial departments, the goal of this project is to offer a media-rich environment where onsite visitors can learn more about the maker, material, and origin of the objects.


Project 2 – iPad in-gallery Interactive: Salon Doré an 18th century French Period Room deYoung Museum

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In 2013 the Salon Doré, an 18th-century French period room in the Legion of Honor, was completely de-installed to undergo a yearlong conservation project. Throughout the year, I (made possible by a Kress Foundation grant) created a variety of digital content designed to document and interpret the work of museum conservators, architects, and curators. Videos, photography, 2- and 3D animations, and 3D printing projects were published on the Museums’ website and social media, and provided unprecedented digital access to the entire process.

Preparations to reinstall the period room are now underway and include permanent armatures for four iPad kiosks. This paper focuses on our efforts to create non-linear, engaging, and interactive digital storytelling that tells the rich history of the Salon Doré, with an emphasis on its most recent transformation during the yearlong conservation project. In addition, an examination of experiential digital media will address the challenges and opportunities involved in producing an immersive digital experience within (and which does not detract from) an immersive architectural experience.


Project 3 – Museum Visitors and Mapping Instragram Photos deYoung Museum

Launch site here

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.31.17 AMRichard Diebenkorn’s art and practice was deeply routed in his experience of the Bay Area. This interactive map includes the public’s Instagram photos of their own vision of Northern California


Project 4 – iPad website: Vatican Objects of Belief deYoung Museum

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The rarely seen holdings of the Vatican Ethnological Missionary Museum include 80,000 objects that represent artistic achievements by indigenous cultures from Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas. This very special exhibition—the first time that a U.S. exhibition will focus on the Vatican’s collection of ethnographic art—investigates varying approaches, perspectives, and cultural practices surrounding diverse religious beliefs.


Project 5 – Creating Mega Pixel Images with a Gigapan

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When the Google Arts Project came out a few years ago-I saw it as both a glorious study tool, and a procrastination time suck during the first year of my masters.  Of course the project came with its issues, but they fact that I could view, in incredible minute detail, over 1,060 famous works of art from 17 heavyweight international museums, I knew that I needed to learn more. After lots of research, and a few emails to friends working at the company, I settled on the Gigapan System as a relatively affordable (TA salary) alternative.

Google of course is not working on a TA salary but the Gigapan uses the same super high resolution or ‘gigapixel’ photo capturing technology (google’s version cost in the tens-of-thousands). The hardware is literally a robot where I can place my camera on top and take anywhere between 5-50 photos of a single work of art (depending on the size and your distance from the object). I then use the gigapan software to “stitch” all the photos together. Take a look at my very first try May 2011 on a Jules Olitski painting owned by my professor: (make sure to click on the 4 small image clips on the bottom)

Later this month, I plan to photograph part of the San Francisco Public Library’s Rare Book Art and Special Collections for their website. So look for another post in a few weeks!

side note: the gigapan was used by the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity-(if its good enough for NASA, then its good enough for me!)

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